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thanks for the thoughtful email, derrick.

question, dog: do you think zac efron would stick up for you the next time someone calls you, say....a douchebag?

FROM THE INBOX: Details Edition

Our friends from Details sent over this article that hightlights the Peter Pan haircut "hip and trendy" guys are sporting these days. Zac Efron is the master of the Peter Pan haircut. In fact, from this day forward the Peter Pan / Abercombie meets Lower East Side haircut will be called, The Zac Efron Haircut.
From the GENIUS article:
"We picked up my friend's daughter at school the other day. She and her friends wanted me to give her little brother the Zac Efron cut."


He's fooled us before, but I'm starting to believe that Zac Efron has gotten the message: Ease up on the bronzer and Mystic Tan. That's all.
And about being a tool... that's another blog- not my responsibility.

These photos were recently taken at the premiere of Hairspray in Australia

Sure, he looks like a teenager dressed up as a vampire/butler at a haunted house. But I'd rather he look a bit more pale rather than looking like he..say...rubbed a bunch of crushed-up carrots on his face.
A few ZEPST readers from Australia emailed me regarding Zac Efron's tan. Some were at the premiere in Sydney and ALSO noticed just how normal Zac Efron's skin is starting to look.

Orange you glad he won !!?!

Zac Efron received a COOL surf board for Choice Male Hottie at the Teen Choice Awards on Sunday Night...

Not to be outdone by the orange surf board, Zefron went in for an extra coat of Mystic Spray Tan earlier that day...

Zac Efron : History Boy

"High School Musical 2" made history Friday night with 17.24 million 8 year-olds watching. Those little rugrats stayed up passed curfew and made HSM2 the most-watched basic cable telecast of all time. Brilliant!

I wonder if ZeFron will score himself an Emmy for his tantastic performance!?!!
Susan Lucci will roll over in her grave!
Yes, I know she's still alive, but you get the point...

Things that remind YOU of Zac Efron: From The Readers Edition

Magda, from "There's Something About Mary"

Zac Efron definitely resembles Magda and her wonderfuly leather skin- he WISHES he had half her talent. That lady single-handedly stole the whole movie from Cameron Diaz.

Oopmpa Loompa's

This is kind of an obvious one, but after receiving about 15 different Oompa Loompa's in my mailbox, I though it was time to post one. And quite frankly, I couldn't agree more.
Hmm...Which is less creepy, Oompa's or Zac Efron?

[ORANGE] Prescription bottles

This definitely falls under "Inanimate objects That Remind Me of Zac Efron", one of my first and favorite posts.

The Zac Efron & Prescription bottle similarities are endless: Orange, addictive, and people still love it...generic or not!

What's Black, White, and Tan All Over?

A review of High School Musical 2 in the Friday 8/17 Weekend Arts section:

"The second disappointment is the tanning. For a cast that’s supposed to feature ethnic diversity, this one is of a remarkably uniform hue. Many of the leads seem to have been steeped in iodine during preproduction.
As a trend, self-tanning agents may not be quite as hostile to acting as Botox and the other nerve toxins that limit expressiveness, but they don’t exactly improve a performance. The temporary dyes, which give skin a gold-orange tint, dampen a complexion’s radiance, turning faces lusterless. The prevalence of these bottle tans must have frustrated the makeup artists and lighting designers who tried to create a rosy palette for this uptempo comedy. While Ms. Hudgens glows like a proper ingĂ©nue, the hero Troy Bolton (cute Zac Efron) and the bad girl Sharpay Evans (Ashley Tisdale) are way too matte. It must be hard to light up the screen when you’re darkened with as much bronzer as Laurence Olivier in “Othello.”

Well said Virginia Heffernan (NYtimes reviewer)! The "Othello" reference... GENIUS!

Side note: If the NYTimes found it necessary (which it is) to point out how tan Zac Efron is, why couldn't they have also pointed out how GAY and FRUITY his outfits are? Especially when using THIS picture in the article!!