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FROM THE INBOX: Details Edition

Our friends from Details sent over this article that hightlights the Peter Pan haircut "hip and trendy" guys are sporting these days. Zac Efron is the master of the Peter Pan haircut. In fact, from this day forward the Peter Pan / Abercombie meets Lower East Side haircut will be called, The Zac Efron Haircut.
From the GENIUS article:
"We picked up my friend's daughter at school the other day. She and her friends wanted me to give her little brother the Zac Efron cut."


Melissa Walker said...

I am so glad to find your blog! I was hoping SOMEONE was chronicling the grooming habits of ZE. Nice work!

Anonymous said...

I love your Blog. Cheers

Waning said...

Im not so much of a fan of Zac Efron.
But I saw caught a glimpse of him and Vanessa once when I was booked for a
fashion event in Manhattan through
and although he's gorgeous, yes,
he does look a little bit too orange.


fan of zac efron said...

Your so genius and awesome Zac Efron. We love you so much! :")