the official blog of zac efron's tan

Things that remind YOU of Zac Efron: From The Readers Edition

Magda, from "There's Something About Mary"

Zac Efron definitely resembles Magda and her wonderfuly leather skin- he WISHES he had half her talent. That lady single-handedly stole the whole movie from Cameron Diaz.

Oopmpa Loompa's

This is kind of an obvious one, but after receiving about 15 different Oompa Loompa's in my mailbox, I though it was time to post one. And quite frankly, I couldn't agree more.
Hmm...Which is less creepy, Oompa's or Zac Efron?

[ORANGE] Prescription bottles

This definitely falls under "Inanimate objects That Remind Me of Zac Efron", one of my first and favorite posts.

The Zac Efron & Prescription bottle similarities are endless: Orange, addictive, and people still love it...generic or not!


Anonymous said...

i totally love your blog! i check it almost everyyyday! its better than perez hilton!

Anonymous said...

Anonymous said...

man he may be a little too tan, but he is still HOTT!

Anonymous said...

what the fuck is wrong with you people? why dont you do something better with your lives then pick on zac efron when he never did any shit you whores?

Thedz Alarte said... that the thing that reminds you about zac!!!???hmm...comment back..thanks!!!

Anonymous said...

shut the f*ck up and leave zac efron alone already. you must be pretty pathetic to spend all your time writing these blogs.

Anonymous said...

You know what's more pathetic than bagging on Zac Efron's tan on a blog?

Anonymous said...


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