the official blog of zac efron's tan

3 steps to recovery...and the L-O-V-E word

Dear Zac Efron,
1. print out a wallet-size copy of this benjamin moore color swatch i found through google image.
2. every time you're getting the urge to hit the tanning bed or go a shade darker when perusing the bronzer isle in sephora, put this next to your face and see if you REALLY need to be darker
3. Don't go passed "Roasted Sesame Seed 21".
Now, was that so hard? I'm only telling you this because i love you. Yes, Zac Efron, I dropped the "L bomb" so soon in our non existent relationship. It just kills me to see someone with so much potential walk out of the house with skin that resembles "Tawny 2161-20" in a sea of "Latte 2163-60" and a few "Saddle Brown 2164-10's" who simply want you to keep it [your tan] real.


Anonymous said...

I want to meet whoever wrote this fucking hilarious article. Five stars! While Efron may be the shit right now on Disney, I'm surprised you're not the shit right now on Comedy Central. I think I peed a little. Too bad my clothes are in the wash :(

Anonymous said...

Blog author- Sorry for the language. feel free to edit. kudos to you though.

Alex said...

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