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Yesterday's Appearance on Much [bronzer] OnDemand

"my face is so tan, it hurts... please whisper sweet nothings in to my ear and make it all better..."


HSM2 said...

It looks like he tans his hair too.

I wonder if his skin now tastes like bacon and that's why that fat chick finds him irresistible.... she probably rubs crisco on him when he's styling his hair and not paying attention.

Anonymous said...

YOU MUST BE FAT. because you made no remark on how fat that girl is, yeah the one about to consume him...its a good thing Zac lives in L.A., you know, so he can go to the beach, and get BEAUTIFUL California, like myself. maybe you're jealous of that as well. the South is revolting, and yet..i don't feel sorry for such a dimwit like yourself :]