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The [orange] Face of...

zac efron's celebrity is only growing. which can only mean one thing: zac efron will soon enough be the new face of a major fashion house.
i think what's important is finding a designer that will not only be inspired by zac efron, but one that zac efron will look up to and be inspired by as well. a muse-muse situation, if you know what i mean.

let's weigh our options:


all american. classic. orange
a perfect fit for zac efron... no one is more american, classy, or orange.


ok, donatella versace scares me. BUT, she may not scare zac efron. in fact, zac efron spent months filming hairspray with john travolta dressed in drag... could an actual woman, who looks like a man dressed like woman, be scary for him? no. zac efron is fearless... and donatella would love to devour him. nicely.


personally, i think this is it. a perfect match. i feel like valentino and zac efron would have a lot to talk about. just not SPF 40.


marc jacobs would be the ideal fit. with his new VERY TAN tan, and love for barely legal boys, zac efron and marc jacobs would be the perfect match. professionally, that is.

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Anonymous said...

I think that Mr. Efron is going to give Mr. Valentino a run for his money in the US premieres for Hairspray. As for Donatella Versace if she bobbed her hair again like she did a few years ago they could be twins.