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Inanimate objects that remind me of zac efron: From the readers:

thanks so much for sending in some pictures of inanimate objects. zac efron appreciates dedication... (hence the hours spent in front of those exciting mirrors, with round lights all around it, and a tub of sam's club sized bronzer... yes, zac efron is a member)

on to the inanimate objects:

grilled cheese. i dont know about zac efron, but i wouldn't really be offended if anyone told me i looked like grilled cheese. i LOVE grilled cheese!!

once again... nothing to be ashamed of here, zac efron. everyone loves a fanta... and everyone LOVES the fanta girls. wait an-advertising-minute!! i've got it. you can be the orange fanta girl (guy). they'll be in their purple, red, and whatever other flavor costumes. and you can wear your everyday clothing and still be the orange one! Genius idea!

what was that zac efron? yes, you can wear a skinny tie.

hmm... somebody submitted a picture of a goldfish. which is actually an animate object... so that's awkward. but not that awkward, because the only one to be offended by this would be a goldfish. and we all know that goldfish don't use computers.

A reader just sent me these pictures. so now i've offended zac efron, with this blog, and fish, for placing them under the category "inanimate objects that remind me of zac efron". wow, we can officially name this day of the week "burning bridges monday".

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JenifferT said...

Looks like they are killing the fish.