the official blog of zac efron's tan

inanimate objects that remind me of zac efron

american currency

a penny for your thoughts. no no, i got it: a penny for every time you think zac efron looks too tan! hell yeah! now who's rich biatch!?!!!

items found on

my mom's new epi-leather louis vuitton bag (she always refers to it as epi-leather..what the fuck?). the color sure looks good against mom's new nautical striped tory burch dress... but why does it look like camouflage when zac efron holds it? hey zac efron: i think i know why....!

public transportation

the B, D, and F trains all remind me of zac efron. it sure makes for a fun commute!!

modern art

this camera phone picture of The Gates, by artists Christo and Jeanne-Claude, definitely remind me of zac efron. and there's nothing anyone can do about that.

i must to be leaving something out... are there any other inanimate objects that remind you of zac efron that i didn't mention?


Anonymous said...

how bout a goldfish?

Anonymous said...

And orange fanta?

davitydave said...

Don't forget the grilled cheese sammich:

Anonymous said...

what about a basketball?

Amira Blue Clifford Beck said...

And Pumpkin soup! A Zac-o-lantern if you will. (thank you davitydave for the pun)

Anonymous said...

that is so stupid. he's nawt that tan!