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I'm not a plastic [douche] bag

zac efron loves that t-shirt. it was an attempt to jump on the eco-friendly bandwagon and "go green". instead, he decided to continue to "go orange" and make friends with other people living an "orange" lifestyle.


Anonymous said...

Dear Creator of Glorious Blog,

You are cordially invited to attend the HSM2 premiere party at my Manhattan apt in August. (Wifebeaters/red jumpsuits not optional.) Please post your contact info for an appropriate invitation.


Anonymous said...

As tan as zac efron is in this pic, what's most shocking is that the woman next to him is EVEN TANNER. Clearly zac efron is poisoning the general public's collective mind into thinking this is an okay, nay, preferred pigmentation for human skin! I dub it, the Efron Effect.



Anonymous said...
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HMS2 said...

Dear t_k,

Great blog. Please RSVP to our HSM2 premiere extravaganza in Manhattan at the following email address:

We would love to have you.

j_c & k_k

Anonymous said...

That woman is a Norwegian reporter called Celine or something...

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

ok, one thing you can say what ever you want about zac, i dont realy care, but you dont mess with a Norway ;P

Btw. thats from an intervjue right after the hawaii trip with vanessa so that explane some :D