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FAN[TAN]STIC HUMOR: feline edition

on the left is some wonderful cat humor that, if you ever visit my hometown in the south, you will most likely see on the t-shirt of the DOLLAR GENERAL cashier/manager

to the right, zac efron. fierce eyebrows...bronzed cheekbones...catty face posing


teenfashionista said...

You just sent me a comment... but I've been reading your website everyday for a week now! I love it!

I'm not all that familiar with Zac/High School Musical Mania, but any guy that looks that tan is fair game for making fun of. Which you do like a pro!

Cheers to you, you're fabulous! Zac, on the other hand, is not...

Anonymous said...

He's starting to look less tan.What happened? I kind of liked the super bronzed look. J.K.


Anonymous said...

okay for one thing he does kinda look like a kat but he does not tan in several mags it says his tan is all real he was filming for nearly two months in utah it reached like 110 degrees faranheit there so don't blame him blame mother nature

Anonymous said...

WOW, you're from the south, that explains a lot. mainly why you are an idiot. it's a shame that you are soo jealous and that you dedicate SO much time to making fun of someone, when in reality, you just want to BE HIM.


you poor soul.